The Mechanic

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This course is an advanced course for students who would like to handcraft their own movement.

Based on a movement designed by S3 Workshop, our experienced watchmaker will guide you through the process of skeletonization and surface finishing of a movement.

Applicants for this course are expected to have basic knowledge and experience on watchmaking tools usage and movement assembly.  It is a prerequisite that applicants have already completed “The Apprentice” course prior to enrolling to this course.







Class description

  • In depth knowledge on the usage and maintenance of watchmaking tools and equipment

  • Modular disassembly and reassembly of an S3 movement

  • Cutting and polishing techniques

Material include

  • We will provide all watchmaker tools and equipment required for movement crafting and surface finishing

  • Material for testing and practicing

  • Each “Mechanic” will receive an S3 movement which he / she will handcraft his / her movement.

  • 15 hours of work bench rental and watchmaker support

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  • 報名須於課堂開始最少一星期前預約。- 報名時學費須全數繳付,親身到工作坊繳交或以銀行入數紙作實均可。

  • 如需要更改上課時間,請於開課前兩日通知工作室導師,更改次數不能多於兩次,多於兩次有可能學席自動作廢而不能退回學費。

取消 / 缺度課程

  • 如學員想取消/退出未開始之課程,請於課程開始之一星期前通知,學費將全數退還;如於課程開始前一星期內通知,學費將不予發還。

  • 如學員突然缺席課程,學費將不予退還,補堂將另行安排。